Grow Now Hair Repair and Regrowth Tea Rinse – [160g]

KSh 1,150.00

Contains 10 Potent Herbs with Anti inflammatory, Antifungal and antioxidant actions. Repairs Damaged Hair, Reduces excessive Shedding and Hair Fall, Activates Hair growth . I tea Packet = 25 Rinses

Key Ingredients: Gingko Biloba, Moringa, peppermint and Green Tea



The Grow Now Herbal Repair and Regrowth Tea Rinse Features 10 expertly curated Herbs to solve a diverse range of Hair issues with one rinse session

Experience the power of 10 potent Herbs in one pack 

  • Includes Astringent Herbs like  Stinging Nettle combats oily and dry scalp. Also heals   inflammation that  cause Fungi  and itchy scalp 
  • Contains Nutrient Powerhouse Like Moringa to Nourish the Hair , restore strength and Promote Hair growth
  • Added to the tea are Known Stimulants Herbs like Pepper mint Herbs which Increase blood circulation to the scalp and 
  • Those suffering pattern baldness and thinning Hairline can benefit from the addition of Green Tea leaves which contains EGCG to combat the actions of Hair loss Hormones in Men and women that choke the scalp and stunt Hair growth

Perfect for all hair types – Straight, Curly and Coily. Do not Ingest , for external use only 


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