Grow Now Herbal Repair & Growth Spray

KSh 1,400.00


Time to awaken dry, tangled & crusty hair with our water based Herbal decoction

A leave in conditioning treatment that hits  your strands with the film forming properties of AloeVera, Marshmallow Roots & some Flaxseed Gel. These natural humectants create a flexible film over your strands to keep moisture locked in and your hair hydrated for days .

And while the tangles unravel, the healing begins; With the power of healing Herbs like Stinging Nettle, Neem and Moringa, The scalp is detoxified, itchiness, dandruff and unfavorable scalp conditions are significantly reduced.

Guaranteed growth in 12 weeks

Thanks to growth activating factors like Peppermint, lavender , Fenugreek  seeds and Herbs like green tea rich in EGCG and other cell regeneration actives. 

The Grow Now Herbal Mint detangling Spray is a light weight Herbal decoction that lives no build up making it perfect for braid care.

Works well with the Grow Now Herbal Styling Cream


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